Week 15/16/17

Aaaaaaaaa-nd we're in lockdown. So essentially my work has ground to a halt and so has my motivation... After having to lug 2 computers, 3 monitors, like 4 VR headsets down the road to my flat I've now got a make shift 'home office' set up. Basically throughout this month I've been trying to finish off a few projects here and there nothing 'too' ground breaking, I say this but I still did some pretty cool shit.

So let's start with the practical stuff first. This is a follow up on the factory project from last month. This project was where we did our own 3D LiDAR scan and took it into unreal and made something practical for once. The clients requested specifically a set of tools which allowed them to physically plan a factory in real time. The requirements were, be actuate and 1 to 1 scale, include tools to create walkways, pipes/cables, drains and railings. The ability to import custom FBX and CAD models, and the obvious move things around and stuff really. This project took at of time for developing tools rather than spending time making it look cool. because this factory was going to be completely remodelled it was the planning stage that needed to be used. I personally am very proud of the final project and here are a few screenshots.

Once we built this tool, we actually spent a long teams call with the clients helping them plan and re-arrange the factory in real time. This was very beneficial to them as a they could get real time feedback on how they can create better flow patterns in their factory with enough clearance to move their stock.

Next up! Something exciting! So have you heard of this little knowing thing called video streaming?? Well imagine that but instead of your favourite Netflix series it's your favourite game, and instead of just being a video its intractable and instead of running on a honking 2k gaming pc, it runs through any browser on any platform without any plugins!! sounds like magic doesn't it? well actually it's pixel streaming, this amazing little software that runs on a WebRTC protocol, and guess what? We got it working. We were able to stream 10 concurrent sessions of one of our digital twins simultaneously without any frame loss. That of course being because we were all streaming the same bloody session and accidentally all controlling each other's characters, but it worked! After going back to the drawing board we were able to adapt it a bit more and after manually starting up a new headless instance of the game everytime someone connected we were all able to connect to each other's AWS hosted session and had 10 people running on 10 different devices all at once through the internet. No hefty GPU needed, I was even running it on my iPhone through my browser. Amazing!

So what's next?? This little thing called Arch-Vis, that's architectural visualisation for you cool kids out there. Basically I got really bored whilst writing my research study report, and what better way to procrastinate that make some mad RTX ray-traced architectural scene just for the hell of it! Well it wasn't just for the hell of it, more I just wanted to build a scene from scratch and try to understand how to properly light scene's better, but it looks sick.


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