Sem 2 Round up: Industry

    Industry . Welcome to the last part rounding up the entirety of my semester 2. Due to the nature of my work, a lot of the time I won't be able to discuss/ disclose the project until a certain amount of time or until the project is finalised, this is why there has been a lack of posts over the past months. This final section covers a lot of ground as majority of my work is integrated with XR technology and mainly relating back to how it improves and helps innovate within industry sectors. 

Hololens! Yes I got a hololens, but what is a hololens you ask? Ok, so imagine a VR headset and an AR device had a baby and its this little headset you put on that has clear glasses and it places stuff infront of you that you can touch and interact with. MR, or mixed reality is the platform it uses. It's an amazing piece of kit, I've build loads and loads of little demos using the Hololens, I'll upload a few screenshots. But the main idea behind this is how we can use different types of XR technologies to build experiences for people in ways it can be used like a multi tool. 

Next up, Makes. Maket is a brilliant Canadian based company that has a brilliant platform that allows them to display gorgeously high quality realtime renderings for their partner's buildings straight through your web browser, and guess what? I built it. These guys are great they've taken the leap and started using pixel streaming tech to bring their platform to loads of clients with the ability to just log on and customise their building to their own specs. For a property developer this is amazing as it means they just configure their building online and it gives them the ability to make quick adjustments without having to wait for render times etc. I'm not going to talk too much about this one as I feel like the demo's will speak for themselves. 


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