Sem 2 Round up: Visualisation

   Visualisation . Welcome to the third of four parts rounding up the entirety of my semester 2. Due to the nature of my work, a lot of the time I won't be able to discuss/ disclose the project until a certain amount of time or until the project is finalised, this is why there has been a lack of posts over the past months. I guess this section is just going to be a bonus section. The beautiful part about the way I work is I do a lot of stuff that's 'work' but I also do a lot of stuff that can be considered 'work', however this stuff is just 100% not related It's just fun to make.

So let's kick things off with a few videos, these are projects that I've created for not just friends but also clients. This first one was created for a good friend of mine who own's a clothing shop in Preston. 

this next piece is a short visualiser I created for the Manchester based artist Sorzano, we created this brill animation of his artwork for his new release. 


This next piece is from a personal project where I created some visuals to advertise one of my asset packs using a brilliant piece of clothing from Stone Island, It also gives me and excuse to put it as a tax deduction. 

Finally, some something exciting. This little project started when I wanted to explore Niagara more in UE4 and seeing how reactive I can make it to audio as a real-time audio spectrum. From here I created a few good looking simulations and was able to take that and plop it in a Mixed reality setting and seeing how it looks when im right up next to it. I've attached a few videos below which illustrate what I mean, the best thing to take away from these is the recording is terrible because of the way the hololens' screen works it's an additive display where It' can't display black, so when this is viewed in the headset it looks amazing, but the recording is crap.



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